Friday, 6 August 2010

Meet one of my favourite bloggers Natalie from A hat and white gloves

Here's Natalie who writes on my favourite blogs A hat and white gloves, she swung by to answer a quick 10 questions for me.

One. Give us a quick lowdown one who you are? Natalie Badcock. 22. Serial shopper, final year law student and wannabe 60's secretary.

Two. Describe your style in 3 words: Vintage, colourful, ladylike.

Three. Who is your favourite person? That's a tough question! I wouldn't be able to pick one single person out, but i can say my favourite blogger (of the moment) is Keiko Lynn ( I recently found her blog, and i spent hours going through it. I would wear here cloths in a heartbeat! Super gorgeous.

Four. Why did you decide to start your blog? I stumbled across afew outfit blogs in March this year from Modcloth blogger reviews. I worshipped all the girls posting there outfits, and would carry on about them to my boyfriend and friends. After a couple of weeks of non-stop outfit chatter, one of my friends said to me "I think you dress just as well as these girls!" And i was finally inspired to get over being shy and start taking photos of myself.

Five. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Half a hour! I value my sleep to much to spend to much time in front of the mirror! My routine: get up, quick shower, dry hair, breakfast and a cup of tea, get dressed, and a tiny touch of make-up. I always pick out a outfit the night before so i don't have to make big decisions in the morning.

Six. What are 3 things that make you happy in life? Fun times with friends and my boyfriend, seeing the world, and shopping (obviously!)

Seven. Where did your blog name come from? I'm obsessed with vintage clothing, especially items from the 50's and 60's. One day i was reading one of my books about vintage fashion, and i read a comment about how proper ladies didn't leave the house without a hat and white gloves. I thought it was fitting!

Eight. What should people who have never seen your blog expect to find? Daily outfits, commentary on my struggle to resist shopping, and lots of fun!

Nine. 3 items of clothing that you cannot live without?

1. Good undergarments. Not really a single item of clothing, but its really important to make sure everything underneath is set to make the cloths on top look good!

2. Amazing comfortable flats which can be thrown in your handbag for sore feet emergencies.

3. A dress that makes you feel amazing, that can be dressed up for the night time or down for the day time. I think its important to have at least one thing that you are guaranteed to feel gorgeous every single time you put it on.

Ten. Favourite nail polish? OPI - Kiss on the chic.

So that's Natalie, you can find her wonderful blog at go check here out she is one amazing girl with such style!

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