Tuesday, 10 August 2010

My weekend!

Here is another weekend for you all! There are some slightly embarrassing photos on here and not much of anything to be honest but here it goes.
We spent most of the weekend organising my place to live (i will post about that this weekend) and doing not much else, i didn't even get to hit the shops : (

We did have a pizza this weekend though, we bought this on Saturday and ate it Sunday we where overly surprised when we opened it though. If you look at the box this is the size it should be, but...
Something had happen it was about half the size, it was like it had slid to one side and then been frozen.

I asked to have my photo taken so i could show you what i wore and Kirk also did his. He is wearing a James bond shirt from Zara, his shorts are reworked vintage from Urban Outfitters and his sunnies are from Topman. Talk about being better dressed than me!

This is me, I'm wearing another Woodchip Boutique dress, a pair of Topshop tights and my little satin flats. Along with my watch and bracelet.

Here's a embarrassing shot for you, although i look horride here (no makeup Sunday) i have little ties on my dress so as you can see i have done a little bow with them. This is my I'm so cute look but after this photographic evidence I'm not sure I'm right haha!
I have my Barry M nail polish on here to!

On Sunday night i ventured back to Weaverham on the train for the last time. When i got in i decided to have some milk and cookies (kindly bought for me by Kirks mum because she knows i love them) what a way to end a funny weekend.
What did you do on the weekend?


  1. Awh you look super cute on those photos Alex, and that dress is lovely! :)


  2. You have a cute blog - it looks like you had a super fun weekend!!



  3. Oh - forgot to mention I am following you now!!!


  4. Cute photos! love your watch too! Shame about the pizza though!!! Millie xxx