Monday, 9 August 2010

What i want Urban Outfitters.

I love love Urban Outfitters, although i find there stuff kinda pricey and my blog is aimed at the average girl who doesn't regularly (if at all) spend 200.00 pounds on shoes etc.
I have been browsing there website and finding some things i could possibly afford (with this pay check from this new job).

This is the Plastic Owl ring, i love Owls not sure if i would wear this often but i think its very very cute its 8.00 pounds and comes in two other colours.
I actually spied this scarf in the window of there Liverpool store over the weekend, but i didn't venture in to check it out but i love these colours its the Luxe animal scarf comes in two other styles and is 26.00 pounds and it so big!

I love knee high socks, and considering I'm short these will prob be thigh high on me i will need these very soon due to summer being over as far as im concerned! These are over the knee ruffle socks there 8.00 pounds.
These tights are yummy and super cool. I really want to get my hands on them. These are the Victorian tights and there 12.00 pounds there so nice i would for sure pay that for them.

And finally a dress, again there is so much i love on there sight but some stuff is way out of my budget! This one though is 48.00 pounds it looks super cute having pockets and ruffles its called the Kimchi and blue zip front ruffle dress.
Check out there website there is loads of cute things on there:
What do you think of my choices and Urban Outfitters?
P.s My weekend will be up tomorrow!


  1. Like your blog! Hope you want to become a follower of my blog too. :)

  2. i think there was something wrong when i clicked on "follow", but now i am following you!xoxo

  3. I love the stuff you picked out, New Look have a gorgeous owl necklace for about £5 too :)
    I always have a nose in UO but can never bring myself to actually buy anything even though it's all so pretty! xxx

  4. I bought shoes from there and i cant bring myself to wear them because they have white leather on the and they where pricey well more than i would normally pay : (

  5. nice blog, girl!!

    hope you will be also a follower of my blog

  6. Love UO. They have such nice clothes but my nearest store is London (2 hours on the train!) Damn! Love that scarf & those tights are amazing! Millie xxx

  7. Millie, i think there the two items im for sure getting! Sucks about it being so far away!

  8. just came across your great blog, love these urban outfitters pics!

    come check out the and if you like what you see feel free to follow x

  9. beautiful owl ring! i might just have to get it myself :)