Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Nailed it... Gypsy night.

As some of you blog followers might know i mentioned this the other week in my "What i want from Topshop" so this weekend at Liverpool one i ventured into Topshop and picked up this baby.
I squealed with excitement when i picked this up from the stand the amount of glitter is AMAZING but i was slightly worried how it would look on my nails. But due to large amounts of excitement i sat in my boys living room patiently picking off my glitter blue nails so i could apply this and see what it looked like.

I was so so surprised, the photos do not do them any justice what so ever. The glitter in them is fantastic and really shows well against the black.
It does take 3 coats to get full coverage but its soooo worth it. I'm not sure this is a every day color i can pull off as black nails don't sit well with me for some reason but i will be using this for nights out and on my toes.
Another awesome nail polish Topshop, well done.


  1. thats a gorgeous colour for the evenings :) x

  2. thats a fantastic colour xxxx

  3. such a cute colour!