Sunday, 22 August 2010

Oh no, not another lust!!!!

I have just been checking out asos online having a bit of a nosey through there jewelery and have come across something i have now fallen in love with. Hey i don't normally post on a Sunday so its clearly had some impact!

How C-U-T-E is this Cath Kidston necklace!!!!! I love her stuff as it is but something with dogs just pushes me over the edge from general lusting to shear needing. I love dogs as is clear with my blog and after losing one of mine on Friday wouldn't Grommit want me to have this. I think so!
Maybe a cheeky little purchase from asos is in order, oh no my parents now know about my blog so none of my little shopping sprees are actually secret anymore.
Make sure you say hello to my mummy and daddy oh and Brad. Or Brad you could always buy me this, i would be forever greatful, its only 38pounds : )