Saturday, 21 August 2010

Bye bye Grommi!

This is a sad post. I just found out from my family back home that our dog Grommit (like wall is and Grommit) passed away yesterday 20th August 2010.
He was 21 years old.
I have had Grommit for as long as i can remember, i can remember us getting him he had followed one of mums friends neighbours home from school one day and they decided to keep him until there Nana was moving in and because she also had a dog they couldn't have 3. In steps us after losing 2 dogs we decided he could come home with us.
I would like to share some of my favourite memories of him:

My first real whole memory of Grommi (as i called him) was when my brother was younger he used to stand in a little standing frame in our backyard and eat this little sugar covered biscuits. Brad being not such a bright child and Grommit being such a cunning dog used to beg Brad for a bite. Brad would hold his biscuit out for Grommit and much to Brads dismay Grommit would take the whole thing. Then Brad would cry, get another biscuit and the cycle would happen again!
Grommit was the ruler of our backyard, all these photos are taken there you would see him parading up and down the fence making sure nothing got past him. He would bark at strangers and i think if anyone would have ever been stupid enough to jump our fence he would have given them what for.
Another memory is when he had a red belly black snake in his mouth, we get lots of snakes in our backyard and Grommit on this occasion decided to pick one up. Being only a baby snake at about maybe 20cm long he had it in his mouth like a dog carries a stick. When mum screamed at him to drop it he tried to drop it at her feet. Poor Grommit couldn't understand what he had done so wrong.

Grommit LOVED to fetch the ball when he was younger he could fetch all day as long as he had someone to throw it for him. When we sold our house in Sydney a couple asked us if they could have him with the house, which we told them a definite no. We also have had 2 cats in Grommits lifetime one being my cat Bell and the cat we still have Louie. Bell used to beat Grommit up, he used to be missing all the fur off his cheeks she obviously used to just sit in front of him and beat his face with his claws. With Louie we also used to find where ever he was sitting in the back yard and throw the ball right past him this ended with Louie pouncing on him and Louie getting a nice big growl from Grommit.

So that's my Grommi, the dog who promised me he wouldn't die while i was gone. Maybe he gave up on me coming back or maybe his dementure made him forget.
I will miss scratching you behind your ears so that you used to make a almost screaming noise because liked it so much, i will miss the way you used to howl at the answering machine. But most of all i will just miss you and your little quirky personality.
I love you Grommit i always will, i hope doggie heaven comes will all the bones, smackos and balls you could ever imagine.
Louie and Ortiz will do you proud protecting your garden.

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  1. i'm so sorry for your loss :( grommit sounds like he was a wonderful pet & at 21 he had a long & happy life with you & your family. hope you start to feel better soon x