Saturday, 28 August 2010

Outfit of the day

Heres me a little outfit of the day for you. I took these photos this morning before i headed out for a little shopping with my friend Jenny from work.
This is the debut of my natural hair, i very rarely wear it natural because normally its a little more crazy than this.
But yes my hair is naturally a fuzz ball of curls!

I wore 2 layers of messop (again from Aus) a top i bought from forever new back home its a satin Cotton mix and is like a size 18 but i love it! My cardi is from Primark and my jeans are staggers.
This is also the first time i have used my bag i bought on my birthday weekend, it was so nice to use and a lady on the bus said she liked it admittedly she was well into her 80's but who cares!

And i wore my little flats again bought back home, they such a fun print!
I did buy a few things and will post them later, sorry about the piles of stuff behind me i had been doing some washing, well at least you all know I'm clean!


  1. you look great!

  2. We have the same hair! I actually did a post about keeping up with curly hair here:

    I know how hard it is to want to wear it natural, but if it is taken care of and you have the right products it can be gorgeous!


  3. i love your natural hair! i really like your layered outfit too & your bag is everso cute!

    look forward to seeing your new purchases! :)