Friday, 27 August 2010

What i want.... Disney Couture.

I have gained a love for Disney Couture since living in the UK. I love the look of it and i see the pieces and parts of history or snippets of my childhood.

I currently own one Disney piece and will feature that sometime soon, but this blog post is all about what I'm lusting over at this present time.

This is the Tinkerbell Neverland removable necklace, i found it on ASOS online for 45.00 pounds. Its 3 charms are very good one is Tink sitting on a thimble, the other is the neverland book, and a little pink bell.

This is another Tinkerbell one, i love bangles that have writing in them. This one is 24.50 pound again from ASOS.

This is the little mermaid type of the Tinkerbell necklace. Again this one is 45.00 pounds and the charms are king Neptune's castle, Aerial herself, and a shell. This is another ASOS find, i like this ring not sure i would wear it but its super cute. This one is 25.00 pounds.

What would you pick?


  1. disney couture is so cute! i love the first necklace x

  2. Hey!
    I added you to my referral post for other bloggers! I hope you get some new visitors soon!

  3. I love Disney Couture....they made a Little Mermaid Shark Jaw ring (like the Shark Jaw bracelet on asos) but I can only find it on American sites and not in my size :(

    Great blog

    T x