Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Welcome to my nightmare!

Some people have asked what was wrong with my yesterday. If you follow me on Twitter (which you really should) i was having major issues and with tweets like "Nothing is easy in this country" and "Crying is no fun" my wonderful twitter followers asked if i was ok. Because it was to difficult to explain in 160 characters i thought i would blog about it!
So here it is my "nightmare." When i was back in Australia i purchased a amount of GBP and also Euros i have used all my pounds but had held onto my euros as i had planned (and still do) to travel through Europe, but due to the fact of having to pay rent and buy Soap and Glory products i had to go get the changed into pounds.
I have 1500.00 euros (yes alot but i did plan to travel for 2 months) and some of that money is held in 500.00 euro notes. Now i got these from a bank back home in Aus but due to them being linked to organised crime the UK government has stopped selling them to people BUT people should still be able to exchange them!
But with the media nicknaming them the "Bin ladens" because you know there out there but rarely see them not one place i went to would take them.
After phone calls, tears and late night webcams with my poor dad back home my only hope of getting them changed, is getting the lady i live with to take them in today and bank them into her account and getting the money out in GBP. So keep your fingers crossed people.
And here they are:

I will update as soon as i know anything.
Check out the press coverage on them you can understand why no one wanted to take them off me:
Has anyone else ever had problems like this?


  1. Good luck with your Euros!

    Thanks for being my 199th follower - I did have 200 but my post insulting those boots seemed to have annoyed 2 away apprently!


  2. Oh I hope it gets sorted out, that's terrible :/
    Let me know how it all goes Alex :)

    Jess xxx

  3. sounds like a nightmare! great blog

  4. Oh I hope everything works out for you!

  5. oh dear, i hope you get this sorted out!