Saturday, 11 September 2010

Couldnt of written it better myself!

Today i went to my first Everton match, it was interesting to say the least! As a sworn rugby supporter i always find the game of Soccer (oh yes i did!) a little unstructured and time consuming but today i was in for a game that had a great amount of excitement and suprise to it!

Kirk and i before the game at his nans house, both in our jerseys.

Here's me at the match, we had pretty good seats except for the pole behind me which made it rather difficult to see the goal, resulting at least one jump and cheer when the goal didn't actually happen!

All the little men on the field. This was taken at the start of second half where it was 1-1 with Everton scoring the first goal and obviously Manchester United scoring the second.

This is the general area dedicated to the Manchester United fans. What a loud bunch they where, that is until we left them slightly stunned.

Mr Tim Cahill.
(His Australian!)
SO half time came and went and then 2 Manchester goals where also scored as all hope dwindled and with Matthew (kirks little brother) sitting behind me yelling that its all to late i decided to take a photo of the score bored (sorry they didn't work out) as i pressed my camera button i suddenly feel the tension build and the bodies rise Everton had scored (bloody typical hey!). With a sense of a little pride back to the Everton side i decided to try again little did i know after taking a photo of a now 2 - 3 score bored and then packing my camera away they scored another bloody goal, yes that's right folks 2 goals in about 2 minutes of extra time. To put it mildey the crowed then went wild!!! I was pushed out of the way, hugged, shook, had a man scream in my face it was insane!
All in all i don't think you could have asked for a better game, after almost a whole half of geering at us the Man U fans headed home with a little ego bruise and very sore throats, although it was only a tie (3-3) Everton and there supporters showed what they where made off and its good stuff!
What i wore:
My Everton shirt!
Staggers jeans.
(I also bought a Everton scarf which is not shown here)

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