Thursday, 9 September 2010

Health update.

So I'm finally starting to get better.
I wish i could be back in work, due to the fact that i am 3 weeks out of pocket from this little heath adventure.
Last night i had my first little venture out to see Scott Pilgrim, its was a ok movie had some very funny bits worth a see if you want something you don't have to think about. Other than that i have been at home doing pretty much nothing and although i say I'm ready to go back to work my doctors slip says otherwise : ( I miss my work friends!!!

In better news i have a good weekend planned starting tomorrow at 2pm when I'm finally after 7 months i am getting a hair cut. Only a trim but bye bye split ends : )
For now though i will leave you with this cute picture.

Until next time

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  1. luv scott pilgram vs the word :P

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