Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Im back with love to confess!

Hello ladies,
Its been far to long. I come to you now a appendix lighter, with staples in my belly and having not been out of my pjs for a whole week!
Although I'm glad to be out of hospital (i was there for 5 nights) getting around is not easy and I'm finding myself in more pain now than i was when i was there. As a added bonus my big fat swollen belly is still yet to go down : (
I want to post about something else which i was going to do last week and after the week thats been I'm more than sure this is the most important thing for me to blog about.
I want to dedicate this post to the most amazing boy friend in the whole world MINE!

Let me take you back a couple of weeks. My dog had died the weekend that had just past and i was walking to our usual meeting place (outside Costa in Liverpool, the one near Debenams) and i couldn't see him (which is odd because I'm normally late due to buses) we went to Costa to have a tea and he surprised me with this little number:

I LOVE 101 Dalmatians, he knew i was having a sad time because of grommits passing and i actually burst into tears in the middle of Costa. He also got me the cool Disney carry bag for it : )
I have added a few photos of my man:

- I also love him because his funny (which has been bad at the moment with my stitches) he always makes me laugh and because of this we have such a good time together.
- He cares about me so much, he came to the hospital every day and was there to sign me out and has looked after me everyday since.
So there it is, he knows i love him but i needed to tell the world! Or my little world either way its out there now.
I LOVE you Kirk and your just going to have to deal with it : )
p.s he is also a bit of a cutie, which isn't a bad thing either!!!


  1. Didn't know you where in hospital! Glad your back home now and get the boyf to care for your every need. Hope you feel back to normal soon :) xxx

  2. Love the last picture of you two . Very cute, you're an amazing couple :) Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Alexandra said...
    This is such a good interesting post. I am disapointed but not suprised there are not more comments on this!
    I like reading different things other than fashion on blogs but i find that there not always well recived!
    Keep this up, you have a amazing blog!

    9 September 2010 00:47
    Rebecca said...
    Thank you Alexandra, I feel it is too. I thought it might have sparked a bigger reaction but you've hit the nail on the head with saying that blogs that aren't dedicated solely to fashion aren't as well received. Which I find hard because as much as I love fashion I really wanted my blog to be more varied as there's already SO many fashion blogs out there. But it doesn't get a huge response. I'll always persist with it though and even having a small following makes it worthwhile :) I agree I like reading different things on blogs too. Am following. Thank you so much for your comment it was lovely to read x x

    Ps hope you feel better soon!

  4. I must have missed your posts on my google reader otherwise i would have commented sooner! i'm so sorry to hear about your stint in hospital...i hope you're feeling better now? good to hear your boyfriend has been looking after you during these tough times, its always good to have someone around that you can rely on :)