Saturday, 16 October 2010

What i want for christmas...

I know i have a good few months to go before Christmas but why not start my wish list now!

Whilst in HMV yesterday with the boy i spied this little beauty and it took me back to my early teenage years i couldn't help putting it on my Christmas wish list.

Yes its a Emily the strange book, i did at one stage have everything Emily, clothing bags shoes even her full set of stuffed cats.

Here's what the book says:
"Emily may be odd, but she always gets even! Meet Emily, the peculiar soul with long black hair, a wit of fire, and a posse of slightly sinister black cats. Famous for her barbed commentary and independent spirit, this rebel-child in black has spawned an Internet and merchandising phenomenon (Emily's Web site gets 35,000 hits per month!). Emily the Strange, her first book, captures the quintessential Emily, featuring her most beloved quips and a host of new ones. Anarchist, heroine, survivor, this little girl with a big personality appeals to the odd child in us all."

Truly one for my Christmas list : )

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