Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Aussie Christmas winter market.

Last night i went to the Aussie hair care event in Leeds.
I had a really awesome time and learnt alot, like that i cant speak with a cork in my mouth (or sometimes i cant speak at all), all the talks where amazing i learnt so much about body language and meeting people, tips on how to enter a room and make a good first impression, but by far my favourite talk was by Lena Weber she writes a great blog called Style high club (check it out here!) she did a talk on (drum role please) Vintage fashion it was a no brainier for me when they said she would be speaking to sit front and centre and listen very intently. She is one fab girl!
Here are some pictures from the night:

Inside the Loft Leeds:
My little goodie bag that Santa gave me:

The most amazing bag ever, i have just ran out of my Aussie products so these are so well timed its not even funny and i have just polished off my dried fruit and nuts as I'm writing this.
I also had a great time in the photo booth, all on my own haha but i had loads of fun doing it!
Although you cant really see my hair but Lena did it as part of her demo, im excited to try it again!

Here's my gorgeous victory curls.
Wow what a cheesy grin : )

P.s I would love to thank the lovely Emma for inviting me to this. She is such a nice person and made sure i was fine all the while i was there. After she saved me off the street haha


  1. Loving the hair! It looks fantastic! glad you had a great day xxx suz

  2. ohh this looks lovely! love the photos, looks like a great day :) xx

  3. awh this looks like so much fun, glad you enjoyed yourself. i'm really sorry i couldn't make it! :(


  4. It was lovely meeting you !