Monday, 29 November 2010

Christmas blog giveaway!!!!!!!

Yes ladies and gents you better believe it I'm doing my first ever blog giveaway!
Its a Christmas/making it past the 50 followers giveaway.

BUT the catch is, because this is a Christmas present I'm not telling you what your winning.
I like surprises so i hope you do to!

Here are some minor details:
~ You must be a follower.
~ You can only enter once, and that's via comment on this post. Telling me whats your favourite thing you have ever received for Christmas.
~ You must have the permission of whomever you live with so i can send it to you.
~ Its open international, but it may not get there before Christmas.
~ Make sure you put either your blog or email address on your comment!
~ Its closes on Sunday 12th December 2010. I will draw the winner on Monday 13th.

So get entering ladies : )


  1. Hi there, Liking the surprise element to the giveaway! The best present I have ever received at Christmas was a surprise trip to London, to stay in a plush hotel and see The Lion King in the west end :) I was literally told to pack a bag of overnight things and off we went. It was lovely as it was the day before Christmas eve and everything was christmassy and special. Loving the blog :)

  2. It's great that you're having a giveaway with a surprise! It's a though one to name the best present I ever had for Christmas, because I really loved all of the presents. But I think the best one is a gorgeous black crocoleather bag I got two years ago. I use it every week! :)

  3. Oooh sounds exciting! The best present I ever recieved was my sewing machine because I really wanted to be able to finish all my Textiles projects from school! Haha :)

  4. Hi Alex,
    I've been meaning to comment you for ages but have been really busy!! What a great giveaway-who doesn't like surprises?!
    My best Christmas gift...there are so many, but anything that the Boy gives me is always extra special because he knows me so well :D I got some amazing gloves and a hat last year :D
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments, I love reading your blog. And now you have 60 followers, such an achievement hun, well done.
    xoxo Aims xxxx

  5. I meant to enter this when I first saw this post but I couldn't think of the best present and then I think I got distracted by things like work. I am still struggling to think of the best present and I'm not one for putting huge value on material things. I think just being around all my family and having a wonderful time is a better present than anything anyone could buy and I get that every year :)

  6. Hey Huni, I like surprises so i'll givet his a bash! thanks for entering mine too

    Kirsty x

  7. Hi Alex :)
    I can't really think of a present that has stood out more than any other.. I think every present I receive is special because that person choose it especially for me. So that's kind of what makes me happy as a pose to the actual present.
    But one particular present I remember well when I woke up Christmas morning must have been about 6/7 my stocking was on the end of my bed then 3 Snowmen teddy's all different sizes lined up along the bottom of my bed. I just thought that was really cute:) And lovely to wake up too.
    What's your fav?

  8. Ah! I love giveaways :)
    One of my favorite Christmas presents was when my parent's gave me the Collector's edition of The OC series. Ah. I love that show. It was perfection!!

  9. My favorite gift would probably have to be when my parents got me a photo editer for my laptop!

  10. Ooh a surprise giveaway pressie, how exciting! :) I'm struggling to recall a favourite pressie, i'm very lucky & usually have such thoughtful gifts bought for me, so its hard to choose! But if I have to choose...last year my boy got me a mug with a photo of my catties on it lol :D

  11. Aah! I was on holiday when this happened and missed it! Boo! xxx