Sunday, 21 November 2010

You leave home for the other side of the world and your brother turns into a genius!

Happy Sunday!
Last night my dad sent me some photos of my family and this is the one he sent of my brother Brad.
This is Brads year 10 (his 16) wood work project.
Brad and his helper Beth have been working on this for the best part of this year and this is his end of year work which will be submitted to be marked.
I think his done amazing.
Well done Brad, not as good as my one but hey you tried. Maybe you should paint it green : )


  1. Lovely post :). Looks really cool :P.

  2. wow that is so awesome.
    great for him! <3

  3. your brother done a Good job . Nice to meet you .
    GOD bless your family and you .

  4. omg he is adorable. I love how happy he looks as well! Great job Brad! xx