Friday, 3 December 2010

Some follows for your friday!

Happy Friday folks, Fridays mean 2 things for me:
2. And on every other weekend, no more work for the week!

Today i have some blogs to suggest you follow:
1. Molyneuxoxo I just found this girls blog yesterday, she has a great sense of style and her hair is to die for!

2. Jess another blog i found yesterday, she has a cute quirky little mix of everything!

3. Amie my all time favourite blog and one of my fave bloggers, she has a fantastic sense of style and her blog reflects that!

4. Beth Another girl with a sense of style to die for, i love that she also blog about her cats you need to watch the video of them trying to catch snow, so cute!

5. Blair More fab outfit posts! She is also having a giveaway check it out!

6. Eliza Another blog i love because of outfits and animals, eliza is such a sweet girl also.

7. Harriet Such a cute blog, with fantastic photos.

Now go check these ladies out, you will be sorry if you dont!


  1. lovely blog post, what a great idea :)


  2. Great blog, I love that you do follow friday. Such a great idea. I might try that next week xx


  3. nice post and you have a lovely blog with cute layouts :D
    wanna follow each other dear? if you dont mind :D


  4. aw thank you so much for my mention, so lovely of you Alex! I'll be sure to check out the others too :)