Wednesday, 1 December 2010

"I need to book a santa photo with you," "Ok how olds the child?" "Me, 20!" "Oh well you can just go through!"

Happy 1st of December all!
Now if you have not read the title of this blog post please go back and do so!
Yesterday i had my photos taken with Santa (as i do and have every year!) in Liverpool's city centre, this is the quote i received from the lady looking after Santa's photos.

Here are some photos on Santa's North pole.

Kirk being a dancing penguin.

My outfit:
Dress: Vintage.
Scarf: Aus.
Cardi: Aus.
Bag: Vintage.
Shoes: River Island.
Headband: Big baby.
Tights: Primark.

(I was freezing!)

And here are our Santa photos!

Yes we made his day, he is even wearing kirks headphones.

And here is the stock standard one!

How many of you still get your Santa photo done?


  1. ha ha i love this - none of my friends would do this with me - maybe ill go by myself xxxx

  2. haha these are great! i love your outfit too, you look really cosy with your huge scarf! :)