Saturday, 8 January 2011

1. About me!

Hi I'm Alex, or Alexandra if you would prefer.
I'm 20 (21 this year) and a Australian living in Liverpool UK.
I currently work in Events management and really am enjoying my new role.
At present i live with 2 flatmates and am moving in with my bf (Kirk) next month.
I have a lovely family in Australia the includes (but not limited to) my mum, dad, brother (brad) a dog (Ortiz) and cat (Louie).

Some quickies:
~I love to blog.
~I love to travel.
~I am very proud of my country.
~I eat loads of red meat (medium raw!)
~I love my veggies.
~I love nail polish and bags.

That's all i have at the moment.
: )

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