Sunday, 9 January 2011

2. Growing up!

I wasn't totally sure what needed to be included here, so i thought i will do loads of photos (sorry) and then speak about them a little and include at the bottom what was my big growing up moment.

Me and my first snow-women, built Dec 2010.

At Chester zoo, 2010.

With Harry (my au pairs family dog) Early 2010.

The blue mountains AUS, 2009

My formal (prom) end of 2008.

Graduation, 2008.

At dinner with friends 2008

Yes tug-a-war with Ortiz, 2007

Now for a long time ago!!!
With my dad on a ferris wheel, would have been the Easter show one year.

Brad, Grommit and i. Again many many years ago. Taken in Liverpool Sydney Australia.

Brad and i, again years ago and also taken in Sydney.

My big growing up moment would have to be leaving school, when i graduated i didn't feel much different but now looking back (it feels like forever ago) it still feels like SUCH a big moment.

Whats your biggest growing up moment?

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  1. Oh no you look LOVELY in your formal photo! The baby photos are so cute!

    Claire x