Tuesday, 4 January 2011

My UK list.

I have a list saved on my computer of things i want to do/see/buy during my time in the UK, some things have been marked off (eg London).
On said list was a purchase, one that has been there since i left AUS.
I started reading some blogs while i was home and all these girls showing off the cute, girly little articles from bags to bed covers.
They where all Cath Kidston.

So i put it on my list, to buy myself some lovely articles from this lovely brand.
So that's exactly what i did a couple of days ago i headed to there gorgeous store in Liverpool and purchased 2 items all for myself.
(i say this because i have bought a few gifts from there).

Here they are:

My Bag filled with goodies.

Yes ANOTHER bag. But i use them and i enjoy spending my money on them.

And a little case for my ipod. Its really soft and protected inside.

So now its back to saving my money for travel and such but it feels so good to tick something else off.


  1. So glad you've got the chance to buy from Cath Kidston while you're over here- ain't it pretty?!
    I've got a gadget case too- perfect for my camera :)


  2. Ahh jealous! Love Cath Kidston and I've wanted a Roberts Radio for AGES! Can't bring myself to fork out £200 though :( x

  3. ooooh you got some gorge bits x