Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Cosmic Bubblegum

Here is a "in your face" nails of the day!
I love this Models own nail polish in Bubblegum it is the most AMAZING in your face colour, i don't care what people say about pastels this Spring, I'm bringing BRIGHTS back.
(you should see my new one Kirk bought me yesterday)
At the moment I'm all about brights and glitter!

Here they are, sorry my fingers are kinda gross at the moment. This was such a cool mix because as much as i LOVE my Bubblegum nail polish its matte. Which was a tiny disappointment.

I'm wearing:
Models Own, Bubblegum.
Maybelline Express Finish, Flash Cosmic.
This is a new find its a fabulous iridescent glitter the pay off is not fantastic but it works as a top coat. Ah amazing new love : )


  1. Wow what a lovely combination! :)

    Very pretty!


  2. Love that colour! Shame I already have something similar already! Very pretty combo though!!