Thursday, 24 March 2011

Something exciting to share, A busabout adventure

What is this? The North & South Busabout loop.
When will it be done? Later this year.
Who will be doing this? ME.
Is it exciting? HELL YES!
Later in the year i will be traveling around Europe, i will be taking ruffly 40 days and heading off on a Busabout adventure!
Busabout is a hop-on hop-off bus that takes you through Europe so you can travel independently, and the most exciting thing is i will be taking you along for the ride.
This includes before i go doing posts on all my stops, i will research the place and post the things I'm going to see and do there. It will also give yourselves the opportunity to enlighten me with some other things that you think i should see and do!
The map above shows you the places i will be going and later this afternoon i will be starting with what i will be doing on my first stop in Paris!
See you soon : )

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  1. oh wow, i'm so jealous Alex! I would love to travel Europe! Maybe after i finish uni... so can't wait to see all your pictures and tips! :) xoxoAVS