Saturday, 2 April 2011

I'm excited about my Skye High Scottish adventure

As i said in my previous post HERE if i book my European trip before May 1st (which i will) you receive a free Haggis 3 day Skye High Scottish tour (say that 3 times fast).

I cannot contain my excitement around this, I LOVE FREE STUFF.

So here it is i will give you a small overview of what i will be doing on the 3 day adventure, i will also link you to the Haggis website HERE

Day One: Edinburgh to Loch Ness.

Day Two: Isle of Skye.

Day Three: Loch Ness to Edinburgh.

Things i will be seeing: - Glenco. - Ben Nevis. - Eilean Donan Castle. - Fort Augustas. - Loch Ness. Just to name a few. Find everything else HERE HERE and HERE

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