Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Lets face it im excited!!!

So today i head to London and although I'm not down for the royal wedding i am so so so excited about it!
I love weddings and this is no exception. I will be watching on Friday and cant wait to see what everyone is wearing, i personally hope she wears a vintage dress but hey that's just me!
I cant wait to get to London today to see the bunting lined streets and Westminster Abbey is the most beautiful building inside and out.
Good luck to them!
P.s don't forget if your in Australia either tape Sunrise or get up early to see if you can spot me, i will be wearing the red woodchip boutique dress seen here!

Found here!

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  1. hey check this out every so often just to make sure you are okay and still enjoying life in the good to see you on tellie this morning and Brad will love it. Saw Brad and your Dad on Monday
    bet they miss you heaps..hear your passport has caused some concern good luck with interview and getting to appointment London won't be busy ha ha!!! Bye Jill xx