Tuesday, 26 April 2011

2 Days 1 city, what to do?

Tomorrow i will be heading to London for 2 days.
I was just going down on Wednesday to have a passport appointment but have now been able to extend my trip to allow for 2 days.
I am now looking for some interesting things to see or places to go.
Where are the best vintage shops for me to have a look around etc.
Please comment below ASAP so i can find where they are and go see them.

To all my Australian readers,
I will be staying on in London on Wednesday night to go and take part in the sunrise taping that will air on 28th April (which is my brothers birthday) I'm hoping you will all be able to see my. I will be holding a sign that says "Happy Birthday Bradley" so look for me. Hopefully they will be able to have a little chat to me and i can say hi to you guys!

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! How exciting that you are going to Prague!! I actually don't have any must see suggestions but just the entire atmosphere is absolutely amazing!! I am sure you will love it!!