Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Blogger Style Challenge

The other day i had a thought i enjoy reading blogs don't get me wrong but i mostly enjoy looking at the pictures, the styles, the clothing in general.

I always look at what my fellow bloggers are wearing and think "Oh i like that, how would i wear it?"

So, without going on and on i thought it was a great idea to buy a piece (a blouse) and to start a Blogger Style Challenge.

The concept is that the blouse is worn here by me (in this post) i style it my way and then i package it up and send it onto another blogger and she does the same, just like borrowing it directly out of my closet.

Can you tell I'm excited?

This is the blouse, it's a red chiffon material its super long and can be worn so many different ways.
Here's my outfit i teamed the blouse open with a black singlet/vest underneath. I then put my thrifted maxi on with my black satin flats on underneath and of course my new vintage bag!

I'm now passing this shirt on to the amazing Amie over at She wore what!? (i will link her post here when she has done it!), i cant wait to see how she wears it and then who she passes it onto.

Also if your interested in getting on board with this please email me because i would love this to go to you all!


  1. love this look - the colours are fab x

  2. oooh very cool, and I love the idea, you are so clever. I will be following to see how she wears it.

    PS I LOVE your background, very hip and retro :)

  3. Such a fab idea and also such a wonderful blouse! I love it! xoxo

  4. Such a fab idea! What is your email address? Can you email me? I'm frills.spills[at] :D

    Maria xxx

  5. Have you seen Vix rocking the blouse on her blog? It looks fab :) xxxxxxxx

  6. Hi, I'm the last girl that worn The Blouse, and it was lovely to take part in this challenge!!, and so funny to wear and send the blouse, and so delightful to find your blog and great inspiration!
    thank you for this challenge!