Thursday, 9 June 2011

A lovely blog award!

The lovely Amie gave me this award.

So here are my 7 facts!

1. I barley owned any dresses before coming to the UK and most of my outfits revolved around jeans.

2. I love dust collectors. I bring things home and Michael is like "your turning into a nanna"

3. Along the lines on being a "nanna" i have ALOT of grey hair. Like you would not believe and its been getting worse since i was about 16.

4. I am the oldest of 2 children (it explains alot!)

5. One day i would love to own a antique & vintage shop (a la Ghost Whisperer, minus the Ghosts!)

6. I watch far to much TV and i am currently addicted to Sex and the city.

7. As i have gotten older i have become more and more like my dad, and i have also come to realise that most of the time that's a very good thing.

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