Thursday, 28 July 2011

Bye Bye Uncle Bob.

My Uncle Bob passed away last night back home in Australia, in his remembrance i let some red and white (for his NRL team St George) balloons go in Newsham Park today.

My funniest memory of Uncle Bob is accidentally when i was a teen telling him i was a lesbian....

The story as it goes:

I answered the phone and he had rung to speak to my mum, I'm sure i was in the middle of doing something really important (like watching tv) so i wasn't really listening to what he was saying over the phone. I do remember him asking me if i had a bf yet and i said no then he must of said something like "are you batting for the other team?" and i laughed and said yes....

Lets just say he was stunned and so was my mum when he told her

Needless to say i now always listen to what people say before i answer.

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  1. so sorry for your loss hun. I let some balloons go for my nan when she died, I whispered them a special message and let them fly up to her. I hope you're ok. Lots of love xxxxx