Thursday, 28 July 2011

1 Skirt 10 ways, outfit #6

So I'm now on my 6th outfit (see the others here!), this one is more of a winter outfit using one of my FAVE scarfs (even if its from Primark).

The other thing i love about this outfit is the mix of vintage and very cheap accessories to make a super cute outfit.

I think i could wear this to any casual event.

Skirt: Thrifted vintage.

Singlet: Primark

Cardi: Primark

Scarf: Primark.

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  1. Love the scarf, so bright and colourful and I would never have thought it was a Primark purchase! x

  2. Loving the scarf, so vibrant and groovy! x

    Ps Check out my blog, the blouse has reached Spain.