Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A dedication to Daniela!

Who is she?

She is the fantastic girl who left the most amazing comments and tips on my blog about my Edinburgh trip!

She also has a super cute blog!

So thank you Daniela, i will forever be great full for all your advice!


  1. Now I am totally....don´t know. Amazed? Astounded? I really don´t think I can express myself accurately at the moment...What I wanted to say is: Thank you Alex so much! I didn´t expect anything like this when I was commenting on your Edinburgh post and it really has made my day:)

    If there´s anything else you´d like to know about Edinburgh (I´m an expert when it comes to eating out, haha:)) just tweet me or email me or just leave a comment somewhere on my blog.

    Thank you very much again!
    D. x

  2. Also, I´ve got one more tip for you:) (and that´s the last one, I promise:) I just don´t think I could forgive myself if I didn´t mention this one:)). If you´re into cute wee pubs and bars, there´s a couple of them on Leith Walk, about 20mins walk from Princes Street. My favourite are Boda and Victoria. Amazing ambiance, good drinks and yummy food x