Thursday, 18 August 2011

Does fashion ever anger you?

Does fashion sometimes anger you?
Maybe there is a trend (or fashion crime in your eyes) that just wont GO AWAY!?
I most certainly have one, its a fashion gripe that gets me so wound up i cant express it on this page. Why does it get me wound up i don't know, i do however wish it would leave and never come back and my gripe is (if your wondering) is the tacky fake Kate Middleton style engagement ring!
How and why does one small piece of plastic anger me so much?
Well when they first came out (when they got engaged in Oct 2010) it was a cute little fun thing to wear to celebrate there engagement and dream of being a princess with a REAL ring like that.
But it is now Aug 2011 and i am STILL seeing them around, i even have come across people that wear them everyday, personally i feel they should be kept for hen do's and dress up parties.
Look ladies I'm sure there are other "trends" that you hate but personally i find most trends look good on at least some, but this one is takes the cake for me as the WORST TREND OF ALL TIME!

I would love to hear what your worst trends are so PLEASE leave it in the comments below.


  1. my most hated trend is when people tuck their leggings around their heels and wear them in their shoes. I don't know why this makes me irrationally angry, but it does!! xxx

  2. haha, i hate those tacky blue plastic rings too, to be fair though, my aunt had a blue sapphire ring almost identical to diana's for her engagement over 30 years ago, and as asians dont really wear wedding bands she still only wears her engagement one, but shes stopped now because she hates all the fakes that are around at the moment!

    and mine is an obvious one, but, leggings as trousers!!!! you just cant wear them with short tops!!! x