Sunday, 21 August 2011

Does age really matter?

Ok folks this is a very quick post:
Im here to ask you a question so please leave your answer in the comments below.
How old are you? And why do you read my blog?
(ok well thats 2 but there not big questions!)
I am asking this question because i am currently part of the #bbloggers chat on twitter and the topic is age (for bloggers)
There a women on there throwing around the maturity card (and you know i hate when thats given for the wrong reasons) and there a young bloggers trying to defend there name.

So go ahead leave your comments, excite me!!

1 comment:

  1. Age 28 I read your blog cause you doing something I have always wanted to do! Live in England and travel europe and you support the NSW blues so that does it for me haha. I don't even look at bloggers ages. If you like what your reading who cares!