Thursday, 25 August 2011

Oh no Topshop what have you done!

Now i would call this a case of shear disappointment, i am a solid lover of the Topshop makeup range (mainly there nail polishes) but as a general rule of thumb i have always quiet liked the whole range & they way it presents itself on the shelves of local stores.
So you can understand why i was horrified to log onto the site today & see there newest line of makeup contained in what i would call "some tacky arse plastic".
Now the nail polishes appear to remain the same but the rest of line seams to have had a face lift somewhere in the 70's & i think its been botched.

Topshop lip and eye pencil packaging

I do understand why the above has happened, yes the 70's are a nice trend (don't get me wrong) but these look like something i would find at the back of my nans closet & not in any good way.

Was it just me who liked the old packaging?
What do you think?

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  1. They have different packaging on only the seasonal collections =)