Wednesday, 24 August 2011

"Plant a expectation; reap a disappointment"

So as a rule of thumb i hold myself and everyone else around me to a very high standard. With this said i am very often let down.
That is why when i head off on my travels starting in London on the 5th of September (anyone around?) i have decided to have no expectation from any of the places i go.
This has already served me well, when i went to Scotland (which i will blog about soon, promise) i didn't have much of a expectation of anything. Where i was staying, the people i would meet, the Military Tattoo, the cities themselves or even the Haggis tour i did (again post coming soon).
And guess what i had a AMAZING time.

So this busabout route above is where im heading i land in Amsterdam on the 18th of September and finish in Paris on the 29th of October.
But guess what im going to have fun with it, take it as it comes and go with the flow (which is hard for me).
I also have 10 days pre Europe travel aswell.
I will be taking you all along for the ride blogging in a rota along with so many AMAZING guest bloggers. I will also be meeting some bloggers along the way which will be great fun as they can show me around there city of choice.
In most places i am staying 2 full days, so i will do some kind of tour on the first day and then spend the second exploring.
I'm excited!!!!

****If you are a blogger in London, Dublin or any of the above cities on the map and would want to meet up and show me around i would be happy to. Either leave me a comment or email me at******

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