Monday, 22 August 2011

Revlon, im impressed!

So yesterday in boots i decided to take a little wonder down the cosmetics section to just you know browse at the nail polish (i should have known this would end with a purchase!)
I wondered past Barry M (no luck) then Models own (same old) and as i lost all faith i walked past Revlon on spied this little beauty!
This is my first ever Revlon nail polish and i seriously impressed.

What do you think?
The colour is Facets of Fuchsia and you know its my style of nail polish with 2 other faves being Topshops Gypsy night and My Private Jet by OPI.

Which other revlon nail polishs are worth a look?


  1. I've tried a few Revlon polishes in the past but never a glittery choice! You should try the nude colours Revlon do! (: