Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Buckingham Palace

When i was in London last week i stumbled across the entrance to the Summer opening of Buckingham Palace's state rooms.

At a mear £17.50 i couldn't pass up the chance to take a walk around the Queens diggs & i also got to see THAT DRESS!

For you £17.50 you join a rather large group of people who are let in portion by portion into the State rooms of the palace, your given a audio guide (which is amazing) at no extra cost & are free to wonder as you like.

However you cannot take photos in the Palace (which makes sense doesn't it really) but you can in the grounds as you will see below.

Buckingham Palace

Just hanging out in the Queens back yard!
Back of the Palace
Wondering around the garden
Palace off in the distance & the pond
Royal Squirrel?
More gardens.

I really enjoyed the tour & i spent almost 2 hours in there.

Kates dress was stunning & so small, i also got to watch a video of Sarah Burton talking about how the dress was made & why it is that way.

My favourite thing where Kates earrings, they where stunning & a gift from her mum & dad on her wedding day.

I would recommend anyone near London to go & take a look find all details here!

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  1. I really wanted to see that exhibition, especially the dress. But, I'm moving to Bristol this weekend so probably won't get a chance. Shame!