Wednesday, 14 September 2011

One night in Dublin

With a bit added about the day.....

So I'm currently in Dublin Ireland after flying here from Edinburgh yesterday afternoon.

Last night consisted of hanging out around the hostel & chatting to random people in the street (yes these are the things you do when you travel)

Today was a 3 1/2 walking tour & a trip to the national museum

I am SOOOO tired i didn't get in until late last night & then had somewhat the sleep from hell (sharing a room with 7 guys, with most of them snoring) then getting up at 7am to straighten my hair (in the stair well i might add, ah dedication).

Anyway i am back to Liverpool tomorrow for 2 1/2 days then it all begins!

Hope you all are well & happy!

P.S A big hello to Tim, my lovely Irish friend i met last night & who showed me around Dublin last night.

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