Saturday, 26 November 2011

Recent polish purchases!

There is only one thing i like better than seeing a post about new nail polishes appear in my blog role, that one thing is when i am the one writing the post!

Here are my most recent nail polish buys, some where bought before i traveled, some when i was in the UK & one was bought just yesterday (can you feel the excitement?)

Models own ~ Aciiied, Purple Passion, Beth's Blue.

I bought these during the half price sale (yes that long ago).

OPI ~ Rainbow Connection, Gettin Miss Piggie with it.

These are from the Muppet's Christmas collection (i mentioned them here)

Sally Hansen ~ Mellow Yellow & Seche Vite ~ Top coat.
I cant wait to wear this Yellow & this top coat is a new staple!

I will do NOTD etc as i wear them, have you bought any new polish recently?

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  1. ooo let me know how the Models owns nail polishes are i really want to invest in some =) xxx great blog by the way