Thursday, 2 February 2012

Blogs i cant get enough off!

I'm sure there are certain blogs that you just cant get enough off, you know the kind you check back on about 20 times a day to see if there is a update (maybe its this
Well i want to share with you some of my all time favourites for a while now so you can see exactly why i think there sooooo GREAT.

~ The AMAZING Amie, a list of my favourite blogs if she wasn't on it. She has such great style & is the most lovely human i know.

~ Naomi has the most adorable family & life combine that with the cutest style & you have a blog i cant get enough of.

~ Shes oh so darling & has to be one of the most photogenic people i have ever seen (she has a super cute bike to).

~ I only recently found this blog but i cant get enough of it, I'm sure i left so many comments in my first day of reading she must think I'm a stalker.

These are just a few of my favourites i read ALOT of blogs so i will mention more as they come to light.But in the mean time go read these blogs & follow these lovelies


  1. Gosh, thank you for your kind words!! You are so sweet.

  2. thankyou my lovely xxx glad you enjoy! xxxx