Monday, 26 July 2010

Cardi time.

I went to Primark on the weekend and picked up these beauties. I watched a youtube video where they where discussed and decided to go and check them out considering they where just 5.00 pounds each.

There very soft and fit really well and the colours are nice to, you will be seeing more of them in posts to come.

I don't normally shop at Primark but i go there for things like cardis, Pjs and just basics.

Primark also stresses me out a little its always so crazy in there i cant shop like that. But in saying that i always find what I'm looking for eventually.

What do you think of primark? Do i have it all wrong?


  1. I am not a Primark Fan ... i really dislike it ...
    But like you i just go there for the basics ... Basic tops and pjs =)

    I like the cardi's their pretty =)

  2. i love cardigans! they go with everything :)