Wednesday, 28 July 2010

New Pandora bead and my bracelet

I was far to excited to see the postie yesterday as i was waiting with great anticipation (also known as looking out the window) for him to push the mail through the slot.

This is my final birthday present that is actually from my auntie. She sent me money and i decided since my mum didn't get a choice in any of my other presents i told her to go to our local jewelers Occasions Jewelers and pick me up a new Pandora bead. Between her and the lovely sales lady Karen they decided on this:

I was very excited to open my parcel and find this little bag, considering it was a surprise i had no idea which bead they had picked.

But here he is my little new addition to my bracelet, i laughed so hard when i saw this little guy his is a little Kangaroo with a joey in his pouch. Very Australian and i dont think i would find this in my local UK Pandora store.

This is my bracelet I'm wearing at the moment, i actually have 2 silver ones with a vast mixture of beads which i have got over the last 2 years. But i decided that due to me traveling and my insurance not being enough to cover them i would leave most of the back home.

I would be crushed if i ever lost any of these as they are all significant and have a special purpose.

These ones are:
  • A blue glass bead to add some color.
  • My silver dog, she is my first ever bead and reminds me of my dog Ortiz.
  • My guardian angel which my mum bought me when i moved to Sydney for college she is here to look out and over me.
  • My Treasure chest, my best friend bought me this for my 18th birthday along with the Chinese symbol for friendship.
  • An A well its for Alex.
  • My little suit case, which was my reminder to save for my holiday, now it reminds me my life over here is a holiday.
  • And lastly my roo.
  • I have it all on a Pandora leather bracelet.

I love Pandora, i even bought my mum one for Christmas last year after having mine for years. I think there a awesome present for someone because then when you cant think of something to buy them you can always add a bead. Also it means you can spend as much or as little on one as you see fit.

This is how i wear mine right next to my watch.

You can find all these beads and more on the Pandora website


  1. You have a lovely collection. I am planning to get a Pandora bracelet soon

  2. That's the cutest charm I've seen! I've always wanted a Pandora bracelet, i love that each of your charms has meaning behind it :) xx

  3. Really cute beads! Love the kangaroo! Love the bracelet too! I actually prefer the leather plaited style ones over the metal ones! I'm planning on getting one soon as although I have my links charm bracelet, the charms are so expensive!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Millie xxx