Wednesday, 28 July 2010

What im currently saving for.

So your probably thinking Alex these bags are not that expensive to be needing to save for but as a Au pair i earn and hold onto your socks a whole 50 pounds a week, so in theory i could buy one with just one weeks pay, BUT i spend most of my money on weekends with my boy. I currently live in the middle of nowhere and it costs me almost 20 pounds (if i stay over) just in a train fair and about 10 pounds if i come back in one day. To me this is a complete joke, but anyway back to my bags.

These are Paul's boutique and i LOVE them. If i hadn't decided to get my watch for my birthday i would of for sure purchased one of these babies. But my real question is which one...?

I know i want a navy one due to the fact i don't have a navy bag here or back home in Aus.

My choices are: Amy or Maisy. Or decisions decisions.

This is Amy ain't she a beauty. She is 49.00 pounds, i am yet to see this one in real life but it looks so nice.

And this little one is Maisy, i have seen this one before and she is the reason i am investigating this brand. She costs 55.00 pounds.

I'm guessing i will have to save and then go and decide which baby i would like to add to my collection.

Do you own any Paul's Boutique? Which would you choose?


  1. The Maisy bag is lovely! I would definately choose that one :D

  2. I like the Amy! You should definitely try to go see one in real life - to touch and hold it and everything. :) It makes decisions easier