Thursday, 19 August 2010

Blog turns 1 month old!

So now i have been 20 for one whole month! What have i learned in this time, let me tell you:
  • Baby brain is catchie! Since looking after children my mind has gone to somewhat of mush, i now find myself many times a day saying "I'm not this much of a loser in real life" I'm kinda starting to believe i am!
  • "Im steaming" means many different things and can make people blush!
  • Getting a bank account is not easy if your a foreigner! I am struggling even with the bank i work for. Hopefully this will get sorted!
  • I love work, i really am enjoying being back in a place of meeting new people.
  • I don't get as attached to people as i used to before.
  • You can eat chicken the day after it says its off! Just check it doesn't smell.
  • I am to old to go to bed late and get up early!
  • Being myself is great there is not one other person i would EVER want to be!
  • Your never to old to sleep cuddling a bear.
  • People actually enjoy reading what i write, thank you : )
  • I can cook for myself and love everything i eat.
  • Its still ok to cry in public at this age!
  • I snort alot when i laugh, its highly embarressing!
  • And last but not least i can commit to writing on my blog 6 days a week and i love it!


What have you learnt at a "coming of age?"

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