Friday, 20 August 2010

Meet my new colleges, Trevor!

Hi all,
Happy Friday!
Seeing how i have just started and new job and have been talking about my blog alot at work a few of my braver colleges have said they want to be featured. So here is the first one Trevor!

We have a dress down day on Friday so this is how he was dressed. This was taken while he was explaining to our class the details of a Hawaiian shirt this is apparently classified as a "loud" one.
Why did i want to feature Trevor well this is why, some fun facts about him:
  • He like Hawaiian shirts (if you have not guessed) he claims to have about 12 but that's yet to be clarified.
  • He has very good taste in music, eg. ACDC and Red Hot chillie peppers.
  • His very very funny and comes up with some awesome one liners.
  • He has a uni degree (forgive me but I'm not sure in what, maybe finance?)
  • His just got a new job : )
  • He was born in Florida
  • He has family in USA, England, Australia and NZ
  • I am told he has a odd accent, i don't hear it but others do.

Well that's all i can remember about Trevor, he really is lovely and i enjoy working with him and hopefully we i will have him in my team after training.

How has your Friday been?

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