Monday, 20 June 2011

Fighting the Urge!

So let me share something with you, my plans to travel around Europe wont come cheap so it should come to no sup rise to you all that i have significant savings.

Besides my savings in my Australian acc i also have a small about in my British bank acc to well £800.00 to be exact.And sometimes while trawling Net-a-porter I'm tempted to blow the lot (or some) on one gorgeous new baby! Chloe Elsie leather shoulder bag - £770.00


  1. Aww Alex you're just like me. I always think, should I, shouldn't I.....I'd love to buy a Mulberry or a Louis Vuitton Speedy but until I am rich I think they'll remain a dream! xxxx

  2. Oh pretty!!!!! I was on net a porter today too - lots of dreamy stuff! I saved up for a Mulberry Tillie bag and it feels so good that i earned the money myself. x